Long Distance Love

As I said in my last post, on Monday, I am going to share some from the letters we have that were written between my grandfather, George – and my grandmother, Grace. For some reason, Grace went with her family to Lynch, Nebraska for a time. I believe they ended up staying longer than planned. I’m not sure if it was for health reasons but Grace’s little sister, Daisy had polio and it might have been for something to help her. Most of the letters we have are written by George to Grace, although according to his letters, he received many from her as well. I just don’t have many of them. I love the way they call each other “boy” and “my girl” among other things.

George was a mail carrier in his very young adult years and apparently, he had had some problems with his feet, which led to a bad dream Grace had about him having twisted feet. At least that’s what the letter sounds like. I’m sharing most of his letter here although there is a middle part that none of us would really relate to so I’ve left it out.

My Dear Grace, July 20th, 1909

You poor little girl – I felt sorry for you this afternoon when I read your homesick letter, about your bad dream. You need to have me hold you close and tell you not to worry about your man. My feet are unusually well this summer thanks to the medicine you recommended. I am feeling fine generally.


Today has been cool and pleasant, perfectly enjoyable, only I would like to know that my girl was over on Benton (where she lived in Springfield, Missouri) for me to go and see when I wanted to (providing I had an engagement) and I should enjoy any kind of a day more.

Well sweetheart my feet are not twisted at all and I hope they won’t be for it would not go well with my business.

I don’t’ want you drinking in the salon with any of those “Lyncher’s either. (Grace never drank any alcohol.)

Always your lover,


Long distance relationships are really hard. Today we have email, Facebook, Facetime, and all other kinds of social media. Can you imagine keeping a love alive with only letters and longing? When I think about loving someone deeply, I think about the warmth of his body, the scent of him, the voice I love, his touch, the taste of his kiss. I think about how anxious I am to be in his space, his presence; to laugh and share life with him.

Can you imagine a love continuing on for about a year with only letters and memories and longing? But that is what George and Grace did. And in fact, perhaps it was the letters that kept building the longing and the love and expectations.

I’m thinking about another love we are invited into. It is a love for God and with God, our heavenly Father. We have lots of letters from him, expressing his love and desire for us. We only have to open those letters and read them to see how much we are loved; how much a relationship is desired.

God’s love letters to us are in the Bible. Everything we read expresses His longing and involvement in our lives. We just need to be willing to commit to it. And the best thing is, it isn’t just a relationship built on those love letters but on inviting him into our lives on a personal basis. Because if we do, He will come in and be a part of every decision, every joy, every sorrow.

But whoever loves God is known by God. – 1 Corinthians 8:3

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