The Saga Continues …

(This is the continuation of the Saga of George and Grace, which is the beginning of my novel, “Amazing Grace.” I love reading your comments and hope you will interact with me about this. On Friday, January 31st I plan to post a video here on my website, laying out my thoughts and plans for the novel and talking about my hopes for this blog. I’m excited about writing and sharing with you!)

“What should we do, George? Where should we take her?” Grace asked after they settled down from their stunning discovery of a baby girl on their front porch. “Why us? Why in the world would someone leave a newborn infant on our porch?”

George sat staring at the sleeping baby in his arms. He was breathing in the sweet infant smell of her, moved by her tiny size and soft, delicate skin. She had a slightly dark complexion – he would describe it as olive – with almost black hair, and lots of it. Her eyes were almost round and very dark. And her tiny hands and long fingers were perfect, with soft pink fingernails. They had changed her diaper and fed her with the bottle of milk that she came with. George sat in his cane back rocker, rocking and singing softly to this sweet new life that was swaddled in a pink blanket. He wasn’t sure what to say or even how to gather his thoughts.

“I don’t know for sure, Grace.” He said to his wife. “It seems that someone chose us to take care of her.”

“Well. I don’t know either.” Grace took a deep breath and then let it out slowly. They had gone to bed last night as they always did. Just the two of them. It was their normal life. She and George had been married for six years now and they were childless. She didn’t know if it was because they couldn’t conceive or if it just hadn’t happened, but she was pretty satisfied with it just being the two of them. She hadn’t longed for a baby but she suspected maybe her husband felt different. She noticed how he looked wistfully at the little children at church. He had commented on the future possibility of having a family. Grace certainly liked children. She had spent three years teaching in a rural, one room school house before going to chiropractic school with George. She just wasn’t particularly anxious to have a child of her own. At least not right now. She was very happy having her handsome husband to herself, sharing their home and even their work as chiropractors together. A baby was bound to change things.

She had to admit, this tiny surprise had pulled on her heartstrings the moment she found her in the basket. But surely this could not work out. Most likely, someone was looking for the infant. The mother will have a change of heart and come get her, begging them to not say anything about what she had done in a crazy frantic, fearful moment. Or the father will go to the police and report that the child is missing.

That’s it, she thought. And then said out loud, “We need to report this to the police, George. We need to do it immediately.”

And so, the search began. George left Grace with the baby so he could go to the police station and make a report. When he came back, he was carrying bags of infant gowns, diapers and pins, booties, caps and blankets – all with various pastel pink designs. And several bottles and milk. How he could possibly know what to feed this baby was a puzzle to Grace, but he seemed fairly confident in what he was doing.

Grace was a little concerned that her husband was setting himself up for a huge disappointment but she said nothing. She lovingly took the new things and put them in a temporary place.

And she sat in wonder at what was happening.

You just never know when your entire life is about to be turned upside down! Grace thought.

She was pretty sure hers would be changed forever.

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