There's No Place Like Home

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to go back home to Kansas/Oklahoma where I spent time with my family. First of all, I want to say thank you to my guest blogger, Reverend Earl Menchhofer for sharing his inspiring reflection, “I Am Unsinkable” on my blog site. If you haven’t read yet, I encourage you to go back and do it now. I think you will like it and want to follow him.

It was a great trip! My daughter and two grandchildren drove with me and while I am in the same town where they live it was different getting to be with those two teenagers for long periods of time in the confinement of the car. I think they were amazingly patient considering how long we drove. Most of the time when they are home and I am at their house they are often in their rooms doing their own thing but in the car, I heard conversations and laughter that I often miss otherwise. It was so good to see that side of them!

And then there were the grandchildren back home … my teenage granddaughter and a ten-year-old grandson. And an all-grown-up grandson (what? He’s 20? How can that be?) Plus, my sons, my brother, a sister, camping, swimming, eating (lots of it!) along with in-laws whom I dearly love. We practiced as much safety for covid-19 as we could. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to go or not but decided it was worth the risk. I’m so glad we went!

While we were first there, driving through the country side in the flat Oklahoma prairie, with the clumps of trees scattered throughout, my daughter and I entertained the idea of what it would be like to move back home. The cousins enjoyed being together so much. The landscape is different than Michigan but has its own beauty. I have to admit my allergies kicked up and I remembered spending much of my life there dealing with it. We considered how nice it would be to all live close together and see each other often. Of course, when everyone is together there are different dynamics. People do things different, even in families. They raise their kids different. They have different views. But even with living quite a distance away, there is just something so familiar about family. All in all, we had a great, amazing time together and it was difficult saying goodbye. Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) told the truth … There’s no place like home!

On the other hand, as we arrived home in Michigan, my daughter and I each being greeted by our husbands who were glad to have us back, seeing our own homes and getting back into our own spaces, I think we both agree that it’s true, right here where we are: There really is no place like home! Right here where we live. Right here where our lives are full and good.

It was so good to go back home. And it is so good to be back home!

When I think about home, I always end up thinking about the day when God will call me home. I know that day is getting closer, as it is for all of us. We all have a limited time here in our earthly home. There is a song that Allison Kraus sings that is true: Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven but Nobody Wants to Die. I admit I feel that way. Even though life has its ups and downs, I still like my life and don’t feel like I’m ready to die. But when the time comes, I have faith that my heavenly home will be even better. I think what it will be like is beyond my wildest imagination, indescribable, no matter how hard I might try.

And when I get there, I believe my eyes will open wide and I will say with great joy: “There’s no place like home!”

Thanks be to God for the hope we have in a heavenly home where there will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain …” (Revelation 21:4)

Thanks for reading. And thanks to my sister, Cindy for sharing her music here with us. I sure enjoyed being in her home with her, singing and talking and laughing. She is one of my best friends as well as a sweet sister.

Blessings to you all!


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